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Seal It Waterproofing & Tiling is the number one choice of homeowners looking for reliable residential waterproofing in Sydney. We have years of experience installing waterproofing membrane systems in residential properties and helping homeowners keep their houses protected from potential water damages. Our residential waterproofing contractors are highly experienced in installing waterproofing membrane systems in bathrooms, balconies, rooftops, swimming pools, and other aspects of residential waterproofing in Sydney.

For reliable and guaranteed residential waterproofing in Sydney, always trust Seal It Waterproofing & Tiling. Call us on 0401 221 211 and speak with one of our residential waterproofing contractors today.

How Do I Waterproof My Bathroom in Sydney?

Waterproofing is usually considered to make a structure water-resistant and protected from potential water damage. Residential waterproofing contractors consider these two ways to waterproof bathrooms – before Tilling and Post Tilling.

Before Tilling – One of the most preferred options for bathroom and residential waterproofing in Sydney. There are three prominent methods-

  • Cement Board with liquid or sheet waterproofing membrane
  • Schluter KERDI-BOARD
  • Wedi Building Panels

Post Tilling – Post Tiling can be a complex and complicated job as waterproofing requires the removal and re-installation of tiles. The procedure is as follows:

  • Clean the floor
  • Apply primer
  • Silicone the gap
  • Apply masking tape
  • Apply any standard waterproofing agent
  • Apply waterproof membrane to the joints
  • First cover of waterproofing (leave it to dry for 24 hours)
  • Final coat of waterproofing (let it dry for another 24 hours)

What Is the Result of Poor Waterproofing?

Poor waterproofing can lead to potential cracks, mould issues, and structural defects in your residential property. Apart from impacting the structural aspects, it can also increase the risk of safety, reduce the property value, and even lead to unfit living premises. Poor residential waterproofing in Sydney may be caused by a deteriorating membrane, constant exposure to UV rays, extreme external environment, unstable groundwater, or consistent ponding. All these factors further contribute to a disintegrated waterproofing layer and membrane, which increases the chances of structural damage.

Our residential waterproofing contractors recommend against DIY residential waterproofing in Sydney and encourage only expert assistance. You can call us on 0401 221 211 and talk to one of our residential waterproofing contractors for reliable and safe residential waterproofing in Sydney.

How Long Should Waterproofing Last?

The lifespan of waterproofing depends on various factors, including the material used and the type of installation. An adequately installed waterproofing system will likely last for 10 to 15 years. Poor installation may result in leakage issues in your property and threaten your structure stability. Therefore, always trust a reliable and experienced residential waterproofing contractor with waterproofing system installation.

Make the right choice for your home and call one of the residential waterproofing contractors for guaranteed residential waterproofing in Sydney. Contact us today!

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