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At Seal It Waterproofing & Tiling, we specialise in preparing and applying epoxy floor coating and finishing to various flooring. Our epoxy floor coating in Sydney is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, thus ensuring complete peace of mind. As epoxy flooring specialists, we ensure reliable floor coating from premium quality material. Our expert professionals are highly well-versed with the process and ensure your flooring gets a unique and seamless surface finish.

For reliable and guaranteed residential epoxy flooring in Sydney, always trust Seal It Waterproofing & Tiling. Call us on 0401 221 211 and speak with one of our epoxy flooring specialists contractors today.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a flooring material popularly used in residential and commercial properties to achieve a unique surface finish. Sydney epoxy flooring is usually applied over the concrete flooring to ensure a high performing, smooth, and durable surface finish in any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Such unique floor material is applied once the concrete floor is prepped and smoothed. The layer on layer ensures a solid surface finish that lasts for years to come.

The epoxy kitchen flooring provides a strong base to the concrete floor, ensuring the flooring is completely stain-resistant and durable. Most hospitals, schools, garages, and other industrial areas usually use Sydney epoxy flooring to maintain floor shine and durability. Apart from using epoxy kitchen flooring in a commercial and industrial setting, these floor materials can be used for residential living rooms, kitchens, or other areas.

As one of the trusted epoxy floor coating suppliers in Sydney, we guarantee to offer only premium quality material that ensures satisfactory results. If you plan to opt for residential epoxy flooring in Sydney, reach out to us.

Is Epoxy Flooring a Good Idea?

Epoxy flooring is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential property owners who want to attain a unique surface finish with exceptional flooring durability. Epoxy kitchen flooring and coating is highly durable and considered one of the best long-lasting solutions for flooring. Commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings offer various benefits, including:

  • Epoxy floor coats are available in various colour schemes and designs
  • Commercial and residential epoxy flooring in Sydney enhances the appeal of the flooring
  • Epoxy flooring is slip, fire, and chemical-resistant
  • Epoxy coated flooring ensures a long-lasting surface finish
  • Epoxy floor coating protects the flooring from heat and moisture
  • Can reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by everyday commute

So, to answer your question – epoxy flooring is the best option!

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What Is The Purpose of Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a combination of polymer resins and hardeners usually applied on concrete flooring to create a seamless, smooth, and shiny surface finish. Epoxy flooring, when installed properly, can last for years. Most residential and commercial property owners use epoxy floor coating in Sydney to provide their flooring with a seamless surface finish. Sydney epoxy flooring can be used in various areas, including warehouse floors, concrete factory floors, garage floors, commercial kitchens, and residential areas. One of the major purposes of epoxy flooring is to ensure a high-performance, long-lasting, and durable surface that can withstand heavy loads. Applying epoxy flooring will limit the chances of dirt and chemicals from moving to cracks in the flooring.

Is Epoxy Flooring Slippery?

Epoxy flooring isn’t usually slippery. However, it can be slippery when water, oils, mud, or any other liquid medium is present on the surface. The non-porous nature of epoxy flooring allows liquid to flow through anywhere on the surface. However, there are various ways to ensure your epoxy floor is not slippery – using containment mats, adding silica sand, aluminium oxide additive, applying Anti-slip coating, mixing shark grip, etc.

Trust our epoxy flooring specialists to ensure reliable residential, industrial, and commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings. Call us on 0401 221 211 to discuss your epoxy flooring project.

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